Terms and Conditions

This document sets forth the terms and conditions of visitors, subscribers, post submitters, customers, and affiliates.

Privacy Policy is herein incorporated as part of these Terms and Conditions.

Affiliate policy is herein incorporated as part of these Terms and Conditions

These terms are subject to modification without notice.

Revised: Aug 15, 2019


Ok, nobody likes to read long legal terms and conditions. Let’s keep it short.

If we present pages you can post on, be nice, don’t spam, don’t swear.

If you order something that includes your Bitcoin or Altcoin public key or code, you need to be an affiliate first. That’s where we store information we print on your products. Non-customized products, such as cardholders and display stands don’t require prior affiliate signup.

Don’t use our products in any illegal transactions including exchanging crypto funds for currency, this may be considered money laundering. Don’t use our products for the sale of illegal drugs, weapons, sex trafficking, etc. This may subject the user cancellation of their affiliate earnings.

Affiliates normally receive commission payments in cryptocurrency and need a USD Coin (USDC) crypto account to receive payment from affiliate sales. Alternate payment of commissions by PayPal is also available.

We do not process crypto transactions sent to codes printed on your products. You need your own wallet and/or exchange to receive funds. We charge no fee on funds sent through codes printed on your products.

We do not give investment advice. Buy, sell, ‘hodl’ (Hold On for Dear Life), it’s all up to you.

Sales on customized products are final. We do a warranty replacement for any product errors or shipping damage within 60 days of product shipment. Sales of non-customized products (card cases, displays) may be refunded upon return in a resalable condition.

Affiliates must be of legal age 18, or a legally emancipated minor.

Customer shipments are currently sent only to addresses within the United States and the United States minor outlying islands.

Customers outside the United States may order using cryptocurrency, BTC USDC, BCH, LTC, ETH when a US shipping address is specified. You may use a mail/parcel forwarding service. Credit card and PayPal orders to customers outside the United States may have the order canceled. If you wish to have a large order shipped outside the US, contact us with your order needs, shipping address and which of the following cryptocurrencies you will be paying with; BTC, USDC, BCH, LTC, ETH. We will provide you with a quote including international shipping.

Credit card and PayPal orders are ‘authorized’ at the time of purchase. and the charge is ‘captured’ at the time of shipment. The final charge may be less than the amount on order in the case of the actual shipping cost being less than the calculated shipping charge on your order. 

Gary Lang Co. and the CryptoMaku system does not store your credit card information, this is held privately with the payment processor used. We do not have access to your private cryptocurrency account or keys.

Gary Lang Co. CryptoMaku shall not be responsible for incorrect cryptocurrency keys user enters in our system. We offer an optional QR-code verification system where the user may have their code tested to be sure the key user-submitted and code printed on users’ product directs correctly. We shall not be responsible if a payer sends an incorrect cryptocurrency to a users account. Ie. sending Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address or any other error may result in loss of senders funds.

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