Crypto-Cards and card holders

An assortment of CryptoMaku-Cards with Bitcoin or Altcoin Logo and your QR-code for direct receipt of cryptocurrency payments.  Your card includes your name and/or company.

Your CryptoMaku-Card includes the QR-code  to your CryptoMaku “Public Profile Page” to accept payments to Bitcoin and Altcoins you accept. Your “Public Profile Page” includes Name and/or Company and additional information of your choice such as phone, email, website, facebook, etc.

As a CryptoMaku customer you are also an Affiliate so you earn crypto-commission on any products your visitors order.

CryptoMaku-Cards are available single sided, two-sided, laminated, or custom laminated with your own business card.

Card holders and Card cases are available for plain (regular business card size). Laminated cards are slightly larger.

Order cards now, or enter your information in affiliate area first.

CryptoMaku Cards and holders

Display Flyer

Flyer in display stand

These Flyers with or without clear display stands are perfect for table-top or counter-top.

The stand holds your 8-1/2″ x 11″ CryptoMaku Flyer which shows Bitcoin and the different Altcoins that you accept.

These have a customizable headline such as “We Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins…”, and a sub-heading with your name and company.

The standard flyer displays your Bitcoin and USD Coin QR-codes. It also displays your Altcoin logos. The pro flyer also shows QR codes for many altcoins.

At the bottom there is a QR-code and a printed URL to your CryptoMaku “Profile Page.” Your Profile Page has your Name and/or Company, and additional information you choose to make public. Phone number, email, website, facebook, etc.

When someone visits your Profile Page, they can send crypto payments to you through Bitcoin or your Altcoins.

Your visitors may also choose to order products. When they order, you earn Affiliate commission.

Order your Flyers and Displays now, or enter your information in the affiliate area first.

Key Tags

Key tags include Bitcoin logo or Altcoin logo on one side and the QR-code for direct payment to your Bitcoin or Altcoin account. BTC, ETH, BCH, USDC, LTC, DASH, ETC, REP, XMR, BAT, LINK, DAI, ZEC, ZRX

Altcoins which require sender to include an additional tag or memo, go directly to your Profile Page. EOS, XRP, and XLM

You may choose an AFF affiliate key tag directing to your Profile Page, which is useful if your keys or other item are lost.


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