CryptoMaku Affiliate Program

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Every CryptoMaku product with a QR-Code to CryptoMaku includes your Affiliate Referral code.  You will also have Affiliate referral URL links in your Affiliate area.

When your visitor has cookies enabled and accepts the cookie permission link (most all do) they will have your referral code tagged in their browser for 90 days. If they become a Customer within those 90 days they will be your Lifetime Referral even if they use a different computer or device.

Whenever the visitor comes to CryptoMaku through your link they can send you Bitcoin or Altcoins on your Public Profile page. (see sample)

If your Lifetime Referral customer later visits another affiliates page they will be able to see that affiliates Public Profile and send them crypto payments to their Bitcoin and Altcoins, but you remain their original referrer for product sales commission.

Once we create your Public Profile page, the link will be available in your affiliate area.

When your visitor places an order for one of our products you earn a commission as a percentage of the purchase price of that product.

The commission is earned at the time of order completion (shipment). Earned commissions are generally paid out once per month but may be paid earlier at our option.

Most commissions are paid out in USD Coin (USDC) therefore all affiliates should enter their (USDC) “receive” address. USDC value is stable at $1.00 US Dollar each so you have no market valuation risk.

If you don’t yet have a (USDC) coin receive address in your members’ area, earned commissions may be paid out to users’ PayPal email if available.

Affiliate is responsible for any taxes owed on earnings. We reserve the right to obtain a Tax ID or Social Security Number when commission earnings exceed US federal required reporting levels, and the affiliate may be sent a 1099-misc form.

Commission Rates

Commission rates are currently set at;

10% for all Products purchased with check, PayPal, or credit card/debit card.

2% bonus (12% total) for products purchased with cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, USDC, LTC, and ETH), or other cryptocurrencies that may be added in the future.

No commission is payable on shipping, sales tax, or certain fees such as the optional QR-Code verification fee (which is mostly returned to the customer as part of the verification process).

We pay on your direct referrals purchases only. There are no two-tier referrals at this time.

No commission is payable on self-referrals.

Commission rates may be modified or special promotions or bonuses offered for affiliates in the future.

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