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Accept Cryptocurrency offline
Products for receiving cryptocurrency

CryptoMaku provides you physical products to help you accept Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrency (Altcoins). Simplifying many “real world” off-line transactions.

These products are used in many situations where it’s impossible or impractical to accept crypto from your senders.

CryptoMaku charges no fee to accept crypto with these products. Funds are sent directly from the sender to you through the secure block-chain. There’s no bank fees to accept crypto funds. Just small “miners” fees deducted from the sender, assuring the speed, safety and security of crypto transactions.  You keep all funds you receive. Note: Altcoins have lower miners fees than Bitcoin.

See Why you need these products and When you will use them.

Why use CryptoMaku products?

  • You’re not around the person that wants to send you funds. They may even be around the world.
  • You may not have your “crypto wallet” app on your mobile phone, even though you are with the person.
  • Your mobile app is not the crypto account(s) you want to receive funds to.
  • Your mobile device battery is dead.
  • You’re too busy to use your mobile phone, driving or who knows what.
  • You forgot your login password and don’t want to reset it now.
  • Your “crypto wallet” is on your home or office computer.
  • Your “crypto wallet” app is on a tablet that does not have network access, and you’re not near a secure Wi-Fi
  • You don’t want the delays or fees with PayPal® or bank services.
  • You may have a website that accepts payments, but the person you’re with doesn’t need to go through a checkout process.
  • You may be selling a one-time product, or performing a service not on your website.
  • Help your friends and family that don’t yet use crypto see how easy it is to begin. They simply scan your CryptoMaku QR-code on your CryptoMaku Card or other product, and use this site to guide them.
  • Plus, when you refer someone to CryptoMaku, and they buy products, you receive Affiliate commission
  • It is FREE to Join CryptoMaku
  • You are a crypto investor/speculator, CryptoMaku products help you diversify your assets.
  • Can you think of more reasons to use CryptoMaku? Let us know.

When to use CryptoMaku

  • Your buddy has little idea about this whole “Bitcoin” thing or is worried about risk and volatility. Tell them about USD Coin (USDC) pegged to the US Dollar, and give them a CryptoMaku Card and have them scan the QR Code to learn.
  • Give a “CryptoMaku-Card” to family and friends. It’s easy for them to send you gifts, loan you funds, or repay money you loaned.
  • Have your business card laminated with your “CryptoMaku-Card“, the recipient will keep your card longer, give you more business, and you may make a commission if they order cards too.
  • Give your “CryptoMaku-Card” to business associates that may need to send you funds
  • Place a CryptoMaku-Fob on your keys or other items. If lost, the finder scans it they can contact you with the information you choose to make public.
  • Display a stand up “CryptoMaku-Flyer at a garage sale, bake sale, craft fair, swap meet, farmers market, convention booth. The Flyer has codes to many cryptocurrencies you accept.
  • If you run a small ‘Mom and Pop’ shop and don’t need a full Point-of-Sale system for crypto purchases, you can just use your “CryptoMaku-Flyer
  • Your friends, family or associates may provide services or sell in situations where CryptoMaku would be perfect for them. Give them a CryptoMaku Card If they join from your link, you receive a commission on products they purchase.
  • Your friend has Litecoin she no longer wants and you have some excess Ethereum. You exchange crypto cards with each other and send each other an equal value.
  • You are hosting a fundraiser for a local cause, post your flyer and give the funds to the charity.
  • CryptoMaku customers of our products, receive your own Public Profile Page” which displays many of the altcoins you accept including scan-able QR codes for mobile devices and Public Keys for copy/paste on laptop and desktop devices.
  • You want to help the widespread use of crypto in the real-world of person to person transactions. Hand out lots of cards!

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